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Spice Girls Tin

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Spice Girls Tin Spice Girls Tin

Quriky Advertising Collectable.  1990s tin for Chupa Chip Fruit Flavour Lollipops.

The tin has a lift off metal lid and takes the form of a soft drinks can.

Rare Spice Girls Promotion: ON ETSY

Black & White Whisky: Two Dogs Bar Display

Unusual, Vintage Rubberoid “Black & White” Whisky Two Dogs - Bar Display Itesm. Perfect Condition


Pola-Cola Tin Bar Tray

Very Rare 1960s Dundee Pola-Cola Tin Tray. Fabulous Polar Bear Motif!

Excellent Condition


Rare Wooden Guinness Bartender's Brush Set


Vintage Cadbury's Fingers Little Biscuit Tin 1960s. Good Condition


1970s Danish Carlsberg Stainless Steel & Rosewood Bottle Opener

Collectable Brewing Collectable. 1970s Danish Carlsberg Stainless Steel & Rosewood Bottle Opener.

In original box SOLD

Vintage McEwans Ale Advertising Gift

Unusual Brewing Collectable - Vintage 1950s Plastic Measuring Tags for Playing Bowls: McEwans Ale.


Rare 1960s BOAC Advertising Fan.

 Very good condition:  SOLD

Rare Survivor  1920s / 1930s Cardboard Chocolate Box. For the Scottish Confectionary Company, Duncan’s of Edinburgh.

Box in fair Condition for its age - but great graphics!  £26

1970s Guzzini Campari Cocktail Shaker

**Celebrity purchase***



Rare Original 1950s Scotch Whisky Shop Counter Top Advertising Sign, with  Metal and Laminate Front, and card backing as seen above.

Fine Condition: £35

Decorative Reproduction Black and White Whisky Poster. Great Item for Framing up, nice bright colours.


Vintage 8mm Super 8 Film: Heckle & Jeckle Cartoon:


Vintage 8mm Film. Charlie Chaplin:


Vintage 8mm Film. Laurel and Hardy:


Rare 1950s Bodybuilding Magazines "Health & Strength", Contains some strange images of vintage muscle men (more available). All in really clean condition: £10 each

ORIGINAL &  VERY RARE  “See Britain by Train” Railway Poster. “Over the Sea to Skye”.

Designed by Kenneth Steel (1906 - 1970).  Published by British Railways (Scottish Region) and Print in  Great Britain.

Large Size, in Good Condition and Framed (some glare effects on my photographs caused by reflections in the glass, rather than being on the poster)

This poster is an extremely rare one and has achieved record prizes at auction - a similar one was sold at Christies on 14 October 2004 (Lot 361) for a world record price of £1015


 Burgundy Bakelite Brewing Collectable - Collectable Tennent’s Beer / Stout Ashtray.  Burgundy Bakelite Brewing Collectable - Collectable Tennent’s Beer / Stout Ashtray.

Vintage 1930s Burgundy Bakelite Brewing Collectable - Collectable Tennent’s Beer / Stout Ashtray.

In Fine Condition with No Nasty Burns or Stains: £30

Wonderfully Kitsch Peek Frean Biscuit Tin with Little Highland Dancer. Perfect Condition:


Large Shabby Chic 1950s Cadbury's Roses Tin: Rare item due to the fact that you could return the tin for a refund after you consumed the chocolates inside.

The side view showing you that this is a tin fit for Willy Wonka!

A full 6lbs full of chocolates!!!

In generally fair condition, but highly decorative & reflected in the price: SOLD

Very Rare, Early Huntley & Palmer Biscuit Tin, c 1911.

This is in fine condition for its age and takes the form of a Russian painted casket: £125.

(This tin is illustrated in the book British Biscuit Tins)

Stylish Little 1960s Cadbury's Lucky Numbers Tin



Very Large 1950s Peek Freans Biscuit Tin: £30

RARE Art Deco Design Mints Tin


Early Art Nouveau Toffee Tin, with Dragonfly and Waterlily Design:


Art Nouveau tin, decorated to resemble Chinese lacquer.

Fair Condition for age: £20

1930s / 40s Vintage Sweeties Tin. Fair Condition, with a bit of wear commensurate with age. Art Deco Home Sweets Tin: £15

Cute Little 1960s Thorne’s Toffee Tin - Showing A Selection of Children Wearing National Costume.

Fine Condition: ON ETSY

Quirky Vintage Shallow Tin - Taking the Form of an Old Over-Sized Thruppence

(or Three Pence Coin). Most unusual & collectable SOLD

Robert Holding a Huge Art Deco Blue Bird Toffee Tin

Huge Vintage Art Deco Blue Bird Toffee Tin


Very Rare and Collectable Tin for Van Melle Toffees.

Stylised 1928 -Art Deco  Olympics Design.

Very Good Condition for its Age


Rare Vintage Cigar Tin, with Hard to Find with its Original Paper Label: £25

Rare 1970s "Dodo Designs" Tin.

The design is very Carnaby  Street in feel with its Union Jack background.

It features older images of Boer War Heroes.

Really Good Condition. Specialist Collector's Item: ON ETSY

Very Rare "Victoria Typograph" Tin

(with blue lithograph printed design on the top),

and an Old Rather Primitive Printing Set and Letters Inside.


Rare, early Pears’ Fullers Earth Tin  (with original contents).

The lid showing a picture of a nurse with a little baby. In relatively fine condition for its age


Small Vintage "Dodo Designs" Tin (with Baden-Powell featured on the lid).

Sadly not so fine condition, but collectable all the same: £24

Early 20th century, decorative tin.

Art Nouveau Style.


Rare Early 1970s "Wella" Hairdressing Tin.

Very Retro with an Art Nouveau, Biba Inspired Decoration.


Large Vintage 1940s / 50s Baby Milk Tin.

 National Dried Milk

Good Condition: £20

Interesting Large 1960s Tin Showing an Artist’s Impression of the Completed Forth Road Bridge  on the top of the lid- and with images of other iconic bridges in oval cartouches on each side.

A rare tin, produced before the actual opening of the Forth Road Bridge.

 There is going to be a ten-day festival this year to mark the Forth Road Bridge’s 50th birthday in September 2014. Hip, hip Hurrah!

 In  good condition:


Very Rare Pair of  1930s Advertising Tins for Reckitt’s Blue


Mabel Lucie Attwell Bicky House Tin

Highly Collectable Vintage William Crawford Biscuit Tin., Issued Christmas 1933.


1960s Blue Bird Toffee Tin


Vintage Three Bears Tin

1950s The Three Bears Sweetie Tin. Good Condition


Vintage Budgie Tin Vintage Budgie Tin

Large Vintage Budgie Tin - with Three Birds on the Lid and a Frieze of  Multi-Coloured Budgies Around the Edge. Fair Vintage Condition - with a couple of minor surface scratches on the lid.


Large Colourful Vintage Art Deco Blue Bird Assorted Caramels Tin

Made at the Lion Toffee Mills in Birmingham.

In fairly nice condition - commensurate with age - a few light scuffs here and there - and some tarnishing to the lid - but a great display piece for a retro or vintage interior - or for display in an old Sweetie Shop!


1940s Vinolia Baby Powder Tin - War Emergency Forumla:

Fair Condition for Age


Vintage 1930s Thorne’s Toffee Tin.


Huge Mackintosh’s Toffee Dessert 4lb Tin

1930s with Stylish Art Deco Decoration

In good condition - great display piece for vintage sweet shop


Unusual Vintage 1950s Tin - Nurse Grant’s Clear Mints

Made by White Hudson & Co. Ltd, Southport, England. This tin takes the form of an old-fashioned glass sweetie jar - but it is not made of glass but of tin. This tin would contain 5lb. of mints.

It is in generally in good vintage condition - with wear commensurate with age - sadly with a scuff on the back decoration (as shown in the close up on the bottom row), and a little tarnishing to the gold around the blue screw top.  But still remains a very fine display item - especially if you are a Nurse called Grant!  

Height: 11 inches and width is 6 inches. Price takes into account both the condition issues, as well as its relative rarity: £30

Rare Early 20th Century French Tin Picnic Box - with Carrying Handle

This is a rare tin with takes the form to a little picnic basket - you carry it by the tin handle - and it is opened by two flaps in the tops. The tin is decorated all over with transfer printed designs representing summer fruits and berries - tumbling out of a wicker basket - this would make an interesting storage box - or a great addition for a specialist tin collector - in generally good condition commensurate with its age.

These old tin plate transfer decorated picnic boxes are now getting very hard to find:


Very Rare Early Tin - Dr Jenner’s Absorbent Lozenges Indigestion Tin. In Special Pocket Case SOLD

Rare Vintage Carnation Corn Caps Tin: SOLD

 1930s Magnesia Digestive Tablets Tin  SOLD

Early Advertising Packaging: Lavender Flowers Card Box: £10

Small Vintage Advertising Tin. Great Graphics


1930s Boric Ointment Tin:


Unusual Very Early & Large Buchanan’s Confectionery / Sugar Tin.

In slightly shabby chic condition, but commensurate with age  and the fragility of the transfer decoration on; this particular tin. There is general light scuffs here and there and a crazing to the black transfer printed oval on the back - behind the word “SUGAR”. Dating to about 1920.

All the same a rarer  early tin - a great  for display in an old Sweetie Shop!

Again - price takes into the condition of this rare old tin SOLD

This is a rare tin , as well as being a very large one, which was made to contain toffees - the exterior is in fairly good condition, with no major scuffs or losses - however, the interior has quite a lot of old rusting - so would make it unsuitable for food storage today - but it certainly would look fantastic on display. Have shown the lid which features portraits of King George VI and the Queen Mother. Around the side is a selection of fine views of Royal Palaces and a colourful array of flags of the Commonwealth.

Priced to take into account both its relative rarity - as well as the slightly shabby condition of the interior


Old Germ Ointment Tin:


Wright’s Coal Tar Ointment Sample Tin   SOLD

Rare 1920s / 30s Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster Tin: £15

Rare 1920s / 30s Taylor’s Adhesive Plaster Tin: £15

Rare Vintage Show Amphibian Dressing Tin   SOLD

 Vintage Scottish Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Tin: £15

 Early Advertsing Packaging, Teeny Weeny Packet of Capstan Cigarettes Card Box SOLD

Very Early Tin. Steel Pen Nibs


Vintage Sweetie Tin Vintage Sweetie Tin Vintage Sweetie Tin

Vintage Sweetie Tin. Fair Condition


Vintage Little 1950s Waverley Pen Nib Tin with Image of Sir Walter Scott on the Lid.

Complete with oodles of old unused pen nibs, and a copy of the original advertising leaflet

Pristine Condition:


Rare Art Nouveau Sample Tin: Crawford’s Delightful Biscuits


Rare 1930s Citrona Cream of Lemons Tin


Rare 1930s Royal Vinolia Cream Tin: £10

Tiny 1950s Betterwear Lavender Wax Polish Tin


Rare Vintage Fuller’s Earth  Cream Tin: £10

Rare 1930s Anti Fly Cream Tin: £15

Rare 1930s Vaseline Tin (Shabby Chic): £8

1920s / 30s Columbia Gramophone Needles Tin: £10

Rare 1930s “Cyphoids” Licorice Globules Tin: £10

1930s Bell Gramophone Needles Tin, with Original Paper Seal & Contents: £10

Rare Pen Nibs Box (Card) with Contents SOLD

 Vintage Meloids Tin: £10

 Vintage Elastoplast Corn Rings  Tin: £10

 Vintage Corns Ointment: J. Pickles Tin: £10

Photography Collectable - Rare Little 1930s Kodak Tin, with Teeny Weeny Camera Lens inside  SOLD

Slightly Shabby Chic Condition - but Rare Blood & Stomach Pills Tin: £10

Teeny Weeny Little 1930s Box, Completed with Tiny Gents Razor Inside.  Very Rare: £18

Vintage Assorted Pen Nibs Tin SOLD

  Rare 1930s Nita Gramophone Needles Tin: £15

  Early Tiny Capstan Navy Cut  Tin: £10

Vintage Fisherman's Friend Tin


Large Vintage 1960s Cake Tin.

The design is a pastiche of "My Fair Lady".



Little 1950s Nursery Rhyme Toffee Tin:


Interesting Little 1950s Red Budgie Tin


Huge Vintage 1930s Wilkin’s Red Boy Toffee Tin.

Rather Shabby-Chic Condition - but great vintage display piece. Price takes into consideration its large size and condition: £35

Rare Early Victorian Tin: Old Grey Patina - Keatings Cough Lozenges 79 / St Paul’s Church Yard, London:


Very Pretty 1953 Coronation Souvenir Tin - with an unusual picture of Queen Elizabeth  on the lid. In good condition


Vintage American Tobacco Tin. Opens at the top. Excellent Condition: £15

Old Abdulla’s Imperial Preference Cigarette tin.  Good Condition: £20

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Rare Cardboard Vintage  1950s Whisky Advertising Card: for Morton’s Old Scotch Whisky:


Two Rare 1950s Glass Campbell's Scotch Whisky Flasks or Jugs. With red lettering: Campbell’s Badenoch & Campell’s Braemar. Both in excellent condition:

£35 each

ONE SOLD, Braemar one still available

Vintage Red Cap Ale Metal Drinks Tray, pristine condition


Vintage Schweppes Lemon Squash Metal Tray, ideal retro kitchen decoration. In fine vintage condition:  


Unusual Old Scottish Hatter’s Brush, for smoothing down the pile on your top hat: Rattray & Co., Hatters, Murraygate, Dundee: £15


Decorative Vintage American  Packing Box Labels (nicely framed with vibrant colours): £25

Thorobreds:California Fruits

Decorative Vintage American Packing Box Label (nicely framed with vibrant colours): £25

Exeter Lily (Flowers)

Decorative Vintage American Packing  Box Label (nicely framed with vibrant colours): £25

Arenas Carnations (Flowers)

Guinness Tea Towel Guinness Tea Towel

Very Rare Vintage Guinness Advertising Irish Linen Bar / Tea Towel.  In Pristine Condition - would look fabulous framed up for display  SOLD

Rare Teeny Weeny Whisky Collectable.

A Wee Dram in Cute Little Scotsman Box, 1960s: £15

Shown to the left:

Rare Vintage Bar Tray - Advertising  “Bisset’s Scotch Whisky”.  

Iconic Imagery - in the form of a Red Routemaster London Bus.

Good Condition: SOLD

Very Rare Vintage Advertising Collectable for Cox's Gelatine.

A Wee Scottish Boy in a Kilt Holding a Big Jelly.

Printed on Fine Linen.

Large size & nicely framed and very unusual decorative item SOLD

This item was intended to be cut out and sewn to make a little rag-doll, so not many of these survive in this form.

Vintage 1950s "Piper Export" Metal Bar Tray. Great Graphics and in Fair Condition:


Vintage Terrier Made Up of Old Guinness Bottle Tops Vintage Terrier Made Up of Old Guinness Bottle Tops Vintage Terrier Made Up of Old Guinness Bottle Tops

Quirky Vintage Terrier Made Up of Old Guinness Bottle Tops (as seen on the bottom of each paw)


Very Rare Vintage Harrods Turkish Cigarette No. 10 Tin,

with Original Paper Label Inside the Lid: £35


Interesting Dutch Tin, probably 1930s or 40s. Unusual Art Deco Design.

Fair Condition for age


Small Tam O'Shanter Tobacco Tins. Rarer design for the Empire!


Two Stylish Art Deco Tins each with original pastels still  inside.

Fantastic Condition and Graphics:

£25 each

Iconic 1950s Design.

Cocktail Biscuit Tin.

Excellent Condition: £25

Rare Little Vintage Sindy Doll Talcum Powder Tin. Very Good Condition


Very Early Tobacco Tin.

Small pocket size: £20

1960s Horses Design Tea Tin with Lift Off Lid. Fair Condition: £18

Early Bulwark Tobacco Tin. Large Size and Fair Condition for Age


1930s Thorne's Toffee Tin Showing a Girl with Little Dog.  Fair Condition: £25

Eadie’s Improved Ring Travellers Art Nouveau Tin.  Good Condition: £20

Early 20th Century Tobacco Tin. Good Condition for Age, with early gold gilt still present: £25

Early Art Nouveau Tin. Pontefract Cakes.

A bit on the shabby chic side, but in generally fair condition, hence price: £15

Vintage Tin in the Shape of an Old Tram Car. Good condition and can also be used as a bank: £20

 1960s Butlin’s Souvenir Tin with Hinged Lid: £20

Very Rare Vintage 60s Butlins Tea Tray "Butlinland".

Nice large size and in fairly good condition for its age


Interesting 1960s Large Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday: £20

Small 1960s Sweets Tin. Cute Railway Subject: £15

Vintage and Decorative Ty-phoo Tea Tin. Good Condition; ("Empire Tea"). Above: SOLD

Interesting Old Macdonald's "Kiltie" Tobacco Tin. Sadly a bit on the scruffy side, but a rather rare tin nevertheless:


Rare 1930s Art Deco King George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee Tin.

Fair Condition: £20

(To the left)

Old (Black Cat) "Craven A" Cigarette Tin. Good Condition: £14

Unusually Shaped Tin: Decorated with Tourist Sites (printed in gold) and Colourful Postage Stamps. 1950s: £15

Large Patum Peperium Relish Lidded Dish - with William Nicholson Cricketing Design on the Lid:


Collectable Vintage 1970s Dodo Designs Large Porcelain Enamel Sign. Advertising Black Cat Cigarettes


Vintage 1950s Biscuit Tin Macfarlane & Lang. Parisian Scene with Girl Walking her Poodle. Little Poodle Motifs around the Side. 8 ½ inches diameter


Another Vintage 1960s Scottish Piper Biscuit Tin - Both in Lovely Condition


Vintage  Scottish Piper Biscuit Tin:


Vintage 1930s Steel Whisky Advertising Collectable in the Form of a Horse Shoe. Very Rare - for White Horse Whisky: £65

Two Rare Early 20th Century Art Nouveau Victory V Cough Chlorodyne Gums. Both in Fine Antique Condition:



Vintage Tin of Sealed Max Factor Face Powder - with Original Outer Cardboard Box - “Hollywood; Society Make Up”. Tin Lid with Cardboard Base Section - Clear Plastic Seal with Contents. Label on Base.

Diameter: 3 ¾ inches and with a height of 1 ½ inches.  

In Great Condition


Large Early 20th Century Art Nouveau Toffee Tin - College Boy Assortment.

Rare tin, but with some condition issues.

Price reflects rarity: £40

Large Early 20th Century Art Nouveau Toffee Tin -

Thorne’s Extra Super Crème Toffee

Rare tin, but with some condition issues.

Price reflects rarity: £40

Vintage Circular Shape Toffee Tin - with Chinese / Art Nouveau Decorations on the lid and sides. Proably 1930s or 1940s in date

Fairly fine condition for age: £35

Vintage 1950 / 1960s Senior Service Cigarette Tins with Hinged Lid.  4 available - all in fine condition.

£10 each

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Please note - Iconic Design are unable to provide any valuations or further historical details on your own tins or collectables. Any requests for values of your items will not be answered - many regrets, but we simply don’t have the staff complement to offer this kind of service.  Insurance valuations can be carried out at a fee starting at £45 an hour depending on complexity of projects.

Please note - Iconic Design are unable to provide any valuations or further historical details on your own tins. Any requests for values of your tins will not be answered - many regrets, but we simply don’t have the staff complement to offer this kind of service.   

 Collectable Vintage Arnold’s Inks Tin (above, and left) - for the Perfect Typewriter Ribbon. Early tin with Stylish Art Nouveau Design.

Rare, hence: £25

Art Nouveau Tin Arnold's Typewriter Ribbon Inks Art Nouveau Tin Arnold's Typewriter Ribbon Inks Art Nouveau Tin Arnold's Typewriter Ribbon Inks