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Inspirational Design, Events & Generally Things That We Just Liked in 2012

April 2012 - The London Print Fair at the Royal Academy & British Design Exhibition at the V&A

Iconic Edinburgh; Design and Vintage Attends the Private View & Opening of the Print Fair

Iconic  Edinburgh: Design and Vintage Visits the V&A to See the British Design Exhibition

Iconic Edinburgh: Design  and Vintage Always Love to Visit the New Ceramics Gallery at the V&A

Iconic Edinburgh Design Inspiration:

Classic Design We Love in the V&A, London  (and a few items also available from Iconic !)

Iconic Edinburgh Design Inspiration:

We Love Stockholm


Iconic Edinburgh Design Inspiration:

We Love Barcelona


Iconic Edinburgh Design Inspiration:

We Love Helsinki


Think that the sign behind us sums it up we have “The Lot”


Up until 2012, the first three Saturday’s in August are always a great favourite with the local community - these were days when the traditional Grassmarket Fair took place. We used to bring out our tables & pitch up in the Grassmarket Square. Everyone always have a strange selection of collectables at rock bottom prices for the event and bargains are always to be had. In 2012 we were not only blessed with three very sunny Saturdays but also had Gwen Hamilton (aka “Super Saleswoman”) down helping us out. Great fun was certainly had behind the stalls - and we even had time for a cocktail or two between all the selling. Our bestsellers this year - definitely sunglasses!

For 30 years this event has been organised by Grassmarket residents. All stalls fees are used to give local pensioners a special Christmas Party. So many thanks to Audrey, Nancy & all the team for their efforts behind the scenes all those years and for always making the day such a success;  and of course keeping the Grassmarket Fair very much a local community event.

Really sad - that in 2013 the Greater Grassmarket BID - took this event away from the community and gave it over to a commercial market operator - and all the pensioners living here were deprived of their annual parties.  Of course all stall prices rocketed for private gain!

Edinburgh Festival Highlight 24 August 2012:

 An Audience with David Hasselhoff

Hearing that the Hoff was in town, it would have been complete madness not to go along to see his very entertaining show at the Pleasance during this year’s International Festival. So, I went along with Gwen and Dave Hamilton to see the Hoff-meister in action. I must admit that it was a most entertaining evening. What a Star ! and also an exceptionally nice man too  - after the show he took lots of time to meet everyone outside in the courtyard and to have photographs taken ...  You certainly don’t get many stars doing that.. So as you can imagine we were all totally delighted to have our pictures taken with the Hoff ... …. Happy Days!

Not the best time for your camera focus to play up!

Two Davids: Both Horn-Meisters

Nothing like standing next to a gorgeous, tall & slim man to make you look small and dumpy!

Iconic Edinburgh: Design and Vintage loves the Scottish artist, Robert Crozier - we recently attended one of his solo shows - and bought the wonderful painting above showing a vision of the road junction at London Road and the top of Leith Walk. My Robert gets one of Mr Crozier’s fantastic prints as a birthday gift every year!  

You can see more of Robert Crozier’s works on his website by clicking the button below:

Robert Crozier

Another of Iconic Edinburgh’s favourite Scottish artists is without a doubt...  James Cumming (1922 - 1991).  

We were delighted to have been invited to the Private View of a Special Exhibition of his Art this March, which was held at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh.

On show were a selection of Cumming’s works made over a period of 30 years.  James Cumming was a student and subsequently a tutor at Edinburgh College of Art. He was elected Academician of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1970.

 The paintings were completely magical; all based upon his experiences in Edinburgh, the Borders, India and America. It was such a special evening - we were thrilled to also meet the artist’s daughter, the art critic Laura Cumming


Basil - has just been telling us about a brilliant website for his four-legged friends detailing where you can take your little ankle-nippers for that special day out  ... This fantastic site tells you about all the dog friendly places around Edinburgh (especially good are the features on all the pubs, beaches, shops and walkie zones !)

 Basil says it is especially cool as he even features on it!

Check it out here - a whole new social life on the cards for Basil...

He also says that a pooch in need of special grooming and pampering offering a complete tip to toe beauty treatment (complete with sausages!) should check out Christine’s Dog Grooming Parlour.

Basil the Dog

Photograph Courtesy of Hannah Brocklehurst

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Iconic Edinburgh (and  Super-Salesgirl Gwen) have fun at the “Original Grassmarket Antiques  and Collectables Fair” in August 2012. Up until 2012 this old-fashioned fair was run by  and for the benefit of the local Community - but now replaced with a  smaller more food orientated commercial market contracted to Greater Grassmarket BID.

- now closed by the Council

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